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Chakra Crystals, gifts from Mother Earth to assist all living beings to find peace, balance and healing on the earth.

At Seven Crystals Australia we supply high quality Healing Crystals for Chakra Healing, along with other wonderful Crystal items, such as Crystal and Gemstone Pendants and Jewellery, Crystal Rune Stones, Crystal Pendulums, Crystal Healing Wands and Supporting items and Classic Crystal Balls for Divination and Scrying. We mostly stock 1 only of each item, unless otherwise mentioned. We love Crystals and believe they are a Gift from Mother Earth provided to assist our healing and our walk towards peace on earth. We sometimes add books and other interesting items that support this industry. We also from time to time, happily add non-crystal items to our ranges, if we feel they support our wholistic approach to life and this store. Welcome. Enjoy. Many blessings to you.


  • Large Amethyst Crystal Gem Trees

    30 January at 12:08 from atlas

    We love Gem Trees at Sevencrystals and these are GORGEOUS.  They stand at 25cm tall and have an abundance of natural purple ...

  • Gorgeous New Chakra Healing Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery in stock

    15 February at 18:53 from atlas

    Sevencrystals AU are listing a lovely new array of Chakra Healing Gemstone and Crystal Jewellery for 2015.  Please browse all of ...

  • Seven Crystals Increase Chakra Healing Crystal Jewellery Range

    1 August at 19:01 from atlas

    Sevencrystals AU is happy to announce that due to the increased interest in our online Crystal Store, we are now increasing our range of ...

  • SevenCrystals Chakra Healing Pendants

    6 May at 19:10 from atlas

    We are excited to be adding many more gorgeous Crystal and Gemstone Chakra Healing Jewellery to our SevenCrystals Range.  Please ...

  • Seven Crystals AU Christmas Gifts

    20 October at 11:47 from atlas

    Dear SevenCrystals customers, as it is not long until Christmas, I am just sending a friendly reminder that I often only stock 1 of a ...


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